Keyboard centric notes


Made for power users

Notorious can be controlled entirely with your keyboard. No need to move your hand to the mouse, just open it up and dump your brain.

Markdown powered (if you want to)

Many like to use Markdown to write their notes. Heck I even use it on paper nowadays. In Notorious you can write your notes however you want, but if you like Markdown, you can easily enable syntax highlighting.

Dark mode

I love dark mode. Who doesn’t?


No need to worry about saving. When you change note or exit the app whatever you wrote gets automatically saved.

No sync

No need for cumbersome online sync features. Just choose a folder on your disk and that’s it. Of course nothing stops you froms syncing that folder with your service of choice. Complete freedom!


Arch Linux

Arch Linux

View the AUR page
yay -S notorious-git


Notorious is written using Python 3 and GTK. It’s free software, released under the GPL3 license. Feel free to browse the source code on the GitLab repository, fork it, make changes or open issues!


Have you found a bug? Do you want a new feature? Whatever the case, opening an issue is never a bad idea. You can do that on Notorious’s issues page